Examples of web sites Aspado has produced

Here is a selection of websites we have designed and built recently. Most of them are "hand-rolled" to the client's precise requirement i.e not built from a template, which is why they all look so different. Click on a thumbnail to visit the respective site (opens in a new browser page).

Link to DMZ Group's web site The site for a Southampton based Management Group who run many businesses. The design spec from them was very specific as to how the site should look.

It provides a gateway to several other sites which form part of the group. We have also made all these other sites. We have not shown all of them in the portfolio - go to this site & see for yourself !

This site is for Park Place Pastoral Care Centre. At the time of writing (Feb 2014) is is still being developed.

It is built using a Content Management System ( CMS ) called Joomla. This enables Park Place to control every aspect of the site - the pictures, the text, the menu layout and so on. The entire site is contained in a database.

The site is regularly backed up automatically and the backup file is sent to a different server to the one the site runs on. So the site can be recovered if it is hacked or if it's server crashes.
Link to Park Place web site

Link to Cleaner Homes web site A site for a local sole trader. It's all white & bright & shiny to suggest that it's just been given a good clean !. Just the one page - but everything a potential client needs to know, neatly laid out with large type so it's easy to read.

It's a responsive design too - so it works well on a mobile phone or tablet.

A site like this can be built and ready to use within a day. Why bother trying to do it yourself ? We can provide everything you need to get on line in a cost effective manner. Call us now !

A simple looking site (built using Bootstrap) but 'under the hood' it does a great deal of things. It manages the archive of nearly 2,000 photographs for Warsash Local History Society.

All the best bits are reserved for members - you have to login to see them, but there is a page of thumb nails where you can search for and view photographs.

Link to WLHS web site

Link to East Coast Chimney Sweep web site This site is for a holiday cottage. The green theme suggests the location of the cottage on the Llyn Peninsula, North Wales.

There are seven photo galleries and the usual pages containing the booking terms , prices and availability. These are all editable by the owner of the site. There is also an email response page and a map showing the location of the cottage.

We have designed the site to work on mobile phones and tablets ("responsive design"), in addition to laptop and desktop computers.

Another web site rescued from one of the many "build your own web site" companies which abound in the internet. Right now it's just three pages, but the client was so pleased with what he saw that he immediately commissioned two more pages, which will be added shortly.

As the site is for a plumbing and heating company there is a lot of blue and a rather smart (in our opinion !) background image of water sloshing around.

Why bother trying to build your own web site when we can produce one for you in a couple of days, exactly to your specifications?

Link to NB Plumbing web site

Link to East Coast Chimney Sweep web site Another chimney sweep ! That's three now.

This one came to us via a recommendation from an existing client. The logo is a photograph of fridge magnets and supplied by the client.

We are still working on this, but it is live and generating business out in Norfolk. You don't have to live in Warsash to have a website built by Aspado !

This web site contains original english translations from the french of many of the writings of Olympe de Gouges. Her most famous work is perhaps "The Rights of Women" written in 1791.

The design aim was to keep the site as simple as possible. People visit this site for the content, not for the styling and whizzy effects. However we did put some thought into the colour scheme, pictures and typography !

The site is an ongoing project and will be developed and extended over the coming months.
Link to Olympe de Gouges web site web site

Link to Fareham Electrician's website Just two pages make up this web site. We received outline instructions from the client from which we were able to produce a couple of ideas to look at & discuss. The final design was the result.

The whole process was completed in a couple of days and for less than the price of a small advert in one of the local "freebies". It makes sense to have a web presence when the cost is so low.

The Chairman of Hampshire Narrow Gauge Railway Trust (HNGRT) came across the web site I had done for Bursledon Brickworks (see below) and asked me if I could do one for them, to replace the one they already had ( another "make your own" ) which was not up to the job

In order to keep the cost down it is built as a simple "brochure site". We make changes for HNGRT as and when required. The most important information - when the engines can be seen working - is "borrowed" from the Bursledon Brickworks database, since the HNGRT locos are based at the brickworks and run when the brickworks is open.
Link to HNGRT web site

Link to Highbury Area Band website The secretary of Highbury Area Band came across the web site I had done for Meridian Winds(see below) and asked me if I could do one for them, to replace the one they already had ( another "make your own" ) which was not up to the job

The entire site is editable by their web master. There's a rehearsal schedule and notifications about upcoming concerts. There is a 'Gallery' where pictures of the band are displayed. The Committee Minutes and Concert Programmes are now published in PDF format via the site.....and so on. And the twitter feed on the front page is kept fresh by band members.

Vincent G Barlow is a Warsash based company specialising in the sale of 19th & 20th century books, prints and drawings. The brief was to produce a clean, simple looking site which gives rapid access to a large number of items.

All of the content is added by the owner using a comprehensive "back end" which allows Print, Drawing and Book photographs plus all the descriptive text to be uploaded and managed.

The site was custom built exactly to the client's requirements. The client was initially nervous about his ability to manage the site, but after a couple of hands-on training sessions everything is now fine.
Link to Vincent G Barlow's web site

Link to Warsash Art Group's) website Warsash Art Group were finding their "design your own web site" site very slow and clumsy to maintain and it could not do many of the things they now wanted. They had looked at other art groups' sites and wanted similar facilities.

The entire site is editable by their web master. Forthcoming meetings are announced automatically on the front page. There is a 'Gallery' where pictures of members' work are displayed. The Newsletter is now published in PDF format via the site.....and so on.

And the cost was significantly less than that paid by some other local groups for their web sites.

Link to Civil Contingensies Advisors (CCA) website This website was yet another rescued from the clutches of the "design a web site on-line" folks. So most of the content and the way it is divided across the pages, is inherited.

We added some snappy Javascript effects to produce a slide show and an intelligent menu; a database and a secure log-on page, so that the site owner can update his News Page from wherever he happens to be in the world, a Twitter feed on the front page and finally an RSS feed from the News Page.

This site packs a lot of punch in its' 15 pages.

Horndean Gun Club has a busy calendar of meetings. events and shoots. The secretary wanted a simple way to keep track of who was going to what. After a little discussion we came up with this site.

Members can log in and book in for meetins, events and shoots up to 12 months ahead. The secretary has his own admin page where he can "roll forward" any one of the lists (events, shoots or meetings) when the latest one has just occurred, or change any of the details of the forthcoming events, meetings or shoots. The front page shows ar a glance where and when the next events are and the date the site was last updated.
Link to Horndean Gun Club website

Link to Meridian Winds website Meridian Winds was formed in 1987 by two instrumental teachers, Tim Norris and Tim Warren, and is made up of professional musicians, teachers and students. The object of the ensemble is to rehearse and perform wind band music of all styles to the highest possible standards.

The webssite has pages which can be edited by band committee members which ensures that the information regarding concerts and rehearsal schedules is always up to date

You can make a website using Microsoft's Publisher or FrontPage oe even Word. The result looks OK in some browsers, but beneath the bonnet it's the most awful mess you could imagine. The search engines hate sites like this and site checkers usually show about 250 + errors.

This was such a site and the owner contacted us asking for help. There's nothing we could do except rebuild the site from the ground up whilst making it look as close to the original as possible.

The orginal home page contained 1196 lines of HTML code and produced 232 errors and 9 warnings in the standard validator. The new page contains just 159 lines, with no validation errors.
Link to Ceep Clear Cleaning website

Link to Goodfires website Goodfires is a chimney sweep business run by Matt Carless in Warsash. Matt came to us with a "stalled" web site project from another company, so we started over

The logo was already designed, so the site took its colours from it. The pages are designed so that a minimum of vertical scrolling is required - the content of one page can fit on the average desktop monitor. This will aalso help the presentation on smartphones and tablets.

This web site was constructed to a plan. The owner gave us a Microsoft Publisher document containing a mock up of the first page plus a list of the other pages needed and we did the rest. It's a "full width" design & always fills the browser window.

The central picture is actually a slide show which highlights all the service offered. We have made several web sites for this Company - see, for example, DMZ group( above ).
Link to Fireside Bellows website

Link to acupaws website Acupaws is the name of a new service being offered by a local (Sarisbury Green) veterinary practice. It provides acupuncture services for dogs, cats and horses.

The brief was to keep the design simple and open so as to promote a feeling of light and air. The colour scheme complements the exisiting branding.

The site is an ongoing project and more stuff will be added in the coming months (early 2012). The additions will include a client interface where the site owner can add case histories and FAQs ( Frequently Asked Questions ).

Bursledon Brickworks is the last remaining steam powered brickworks in the country. In the early part of the last century it was producing 20 million bricks a year.

This website is built around the corporate colours (maroon and red), with the viewing areas all on a white background, to make the content easy to read. There's an online photo-album, email page and Google map together with all the usual components of a modern web site.
Link to Bursledon Brickworks website website

Link to Broadleaf Developments Broadleaf Developments is a new Warsash based company. They specialse in restoration work on old and listed buildings, but can also take on any building job, from laying a floor to a complete new house build.

The brief was to keep the design simple and open so as to promote a feeling of light and air.

The site is an ongoing project and more stuff will be added as the company grows. For now there promotional pages and a photo album which can take its' photos from flickr, thereby making it easy to update.

Crisp Contracts are based in Warsash and specialse in contract and project management activities mainly for the retail trade.

We took this web site over from it's initial developer and made many changes to improve its' maintainability and its' search engine visibility.

We recently added some new pages and photographs and will be looking after the site on an ongoing basis.
Link to Crisp Contracts website

Link to Landkind Services This is Landkind's website. Landkind is the trading name of Goss Services (South), founded in 2009 by the current director, Joe Titcombe. They are based in Locks Heath, Hampshire.

It's a conventional "brochure" site and features a photo album and an EMail response page.

Joe's wife is a graphic designer and did the design for the company logo and suggested the colour scheme and general layout for the site. The logo and the colours are also used on the company's brochures, business cards and vehicles, thus presenting the same company and brand image across all the media in use.

Link to Cleaner Chimnneys Chimney Sweep This website is for Cleaner Chimneys, a new Warsash based chimney sweep service operated by Paul Clements.

Although it's a conventional "brochure" site we tried to impart a "chimnmey sweep" message by using black, white and grey as the principal colours, with the occasional splash of colour adding a focal point to certain pages.

The chimneys shown in the left hand part of the header also appears on Paul's business card, linking the site and the card.

Link to Dyfnia Bach Holiday Cottage Dyfnia Bach Holiday Cottage is just a little more than the standard brochure site. Users are able to see the latest availability information on a large calendar via an online database. The owner of the site can edit the database entries via a web interface. The prices are also editable by the owner.

There's also a Google map and an EMail response page and several photo galleries containing pictures of the property and local places of interest.

Link to Flawless by Galina Flawless by Galina offers the latest forms of beauty treatment, including the revolutionary Hialurox anti ageing procedure. The main concept in the design was to use lighter colours with strong contrast against the backgound to make the site easier to read. A lot of the clientel are not as young as they used to be !

There's a photo gallery and an EMail response form in addition to the usual pages on a brochure site.

This site is for Musician's Union members in the Southampton area. It has an online database of members and local bands which can be searched to find people playing particular instruments or people by surname. The database is updated via the web using a password protected page.

The colour scheme and the fonts were requested by the client, but the rest of the site is our own design.
Link to Musicians In Unison