Photography for your web site

A picture is worth a thousand words, so they say. If you think that's true but don't have any suitable pictures for your site, we have professional quality Canon camera equipment and will take some for you.

You can display your pictures in a variety of ways. For example, simply click on the picture (left) to see it at a larger scale.

.. or click to see a photo album type of presentation.

..or click to see a slide show type of presentation.

Other media

Graphics: We use industry standard software to produce our graphics, so using the same images, say,in a printed flyer as well as on the web is easy.

Movies: We do not make movies, but we can put them onto your web site. We can edit and resize any movies you have to make them suitable for web use. They can be in a variety of formats, suitable for download and subsequent replay, or suitable for playing directly on the web page.

Sound: We can embed a music player into your web page(s) so that users can listen to music in real time, streamed directly from the web.