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What's the minimum I need to get a website running ?

You need three items to get your website up and running on the internet:

  1. A domain name - see second answer for more details
  2. A web server to host your domain - see third answer for more details/
  3. Software which is run on the web server to generate your web site - usually called the web site design. That's one of the things we do - design web sites.

What's a domain name?

Your domain name is your address on the internet - for example this web site's domain name is You buy domain names from a registrar and there are many registrars to choose from - just type "domain registration" into Google to see a big list ! The process of buying a domain is something like:

  1. Decide on the name you want. If you live in the UK and run a garage and your name is Arthur, you might choose for example. There are other other variations - you could also be or, for example.

    If you are a charity or some other community based organisation, you might choose or

    You can buy as many domains as you want. The minimum term is two years. Prices vary slightly between registrars and vary much more between domain types e.g. an "info" domain is about £12 a year whilst a "" is about £5.

    If someone else has already registered a domain then you cannot register it. You can check availablity by seeing if a web site appears when you type the address into a browser. At the time of writing (June 2011) uk has not been registered. Click on the name and see what happens.

  2. Now choose a registrar. Here's one: we can wholeheartedly recommend. There's a search box you can enter your chosen name(s) into as a final check of its' availability. Then you just follow the on-screen instructions, pay by credit card and the domain is yours.

  3. You may be unlucky and not be able to get the name you really want. Names have now been on sale for over 20 years and all the "good" ones are gone. We can offer a solution. Your web site can be a "sub-domain" on one of our sites. It is a very cost effective solution. For more information check out our solutions page.
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What's hosting ?

Your web site is a program which runs on a computer called a web server. Thanks to the magic of the internet, when you enter a web address into your browser to request a web page, the request is routed to the very web server which contains your web site program. The program runs and sends back to your browser the web site page you requested for display. Hosting is the provision of a web server on which your web site can be stored and run on demand.

For a small, simple web site you'll pay about £40 a year for hosting. The registrars who sell domain names often sell hosting as well, as part of a package. There'll be a range of packages with names like "Bronze", "Silver", "Gold". If you are thinking of buying hosting, check with us first, because we will always quote you the lowest price.
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What's SEO all about ?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, and as it's name implies, it consists of designing your web site in such a way as to maximise it's acceptability to search engines such as Google. The reason for doing this, of course, is to raise your position in the list of web sites Google generates when someone does a search.

It is an inexact science because the search engine companies don't divulge how their searches are done, what rules are followed etc... What they do publish is a set of guidelines to follow when designing a site which will help it climb the ratings. A good web designer will ensure that these guidelines are followed.

But if there are 20,000 small companies in the UK doing, for example, roof repairs and general building work, there can only be one of these at the top of the list, and someone will be bottom. The art lies in getting a site as high up the rankings as possible. It can take a long time (months) to acheive positive results.

We always design our web sites in accordance with the published guidelines and we are able to undertake the long term work involved in getting your site higher up the rankings than your competitors site.
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Can I use my own photographs ,text and graphics ?

Yes, of course you can. You can supply photographs to us as jpg, png or raw. We can resize/crop/rotate the images for use on your website. Always supply then at the same size as they came out of the camera - we'll make any required changes. You can supply your text as a Word document or similat, or send it along in an EMail or....well..whatever, really. Graphics should be jpg or png or psd or similar.
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Can I use a domain I already bought myself ?

Yes, no problem at all. If the domain is not yet hosted, we can provide hosting at rock-bottom prices on our own server. If it is hosted, then we can build the website on your hosting service, subject to any required service being availabe e.g a database, or particular graphics facilities.
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Can I use my own hosting service ?

See the answer above
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Can you modify an existing website ?

Yes, we certainly can. There are two such sites shown on our examples page: Ceep Clear Cleaning and Crisp Contracts.
No matter how your web site was made, we can work with it and fix it.
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How long will it take to make a web site ?

For a 10 page "brochure" site we usually take about 2 weeks from start to finish. This allows for you to look at the build as it progresses and suggest changes. But if you are in a hurry we can have something up and running in a day. We don't charge extra for "rush jobs" either.
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How much will it all cost ?

The average price is about £15 a page. If you buy your domain and your hosting, better rates apply. If you want more than 10 pages, better rates apply. For a simple site hosting will cost £35 per year. For a site running server scripts and needing a database, hosting will be £45 per year. There's a one-off price of £1 each for setting up EMail addresses. Take a look at our solutions page for specific examples.
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